30" Pizza Challenge


As Featured on Food Network!

Check us out on The Food Network:

Featured on Outrageous Foods Three teams competed against each other to see who could take the 30" beast down! Here's some behind the scenes: More of outrageous foods @ casbah (youtube.com) Do you think you have what it takes? Famous last words: "We've got this"

Basic rules:

  • $79.99 buy in
  • 2 contenders
  • 1 30” pizza
  • 5 Different toppings (Basil does not count . . .)
  • 1 hour to finish
  • Contenders must remain seated during the challenge
  • Winners get:
  • -100% of the money refunded.
  • -A true bond that can never be broken.
  • -Instant fame and popularity.