4 Important Qualities In A NY Style Pizza

4 Important Qualities In A NY Style Pizza

It’s not just a local rave. NY style is a top contender for how people enjoy their pizza across the country. By the pie or slice, folded or fanned, NY style isn’t just a growing trend stemming from its authentic culture. Pizza Casbah is here for the breakdown as to what makes NY-style pizza the best in the business. Check out our menu NY-style pizza today!

Man hand-tossing large pizza dough in the air

Best Tossing Around

The large hand-tossed dough is quite the spectacle. But this isn’t just for entertainment, the thick and crisp result is what people keep coming back for. Even the extra eye-catching stunts have purposeful utility in preparing great pizza. Techniques like stretching are done to maximize the space in a NY-style oven, helping create that signature look and taste.

Close up of a New York style pizza crust

Great Crust

“The Fold” is the most iconic aspect of NY-style pizza, and for good reason! Similar to the Neapolitan style, folding isn’t just a gimmick for show. Folding a rich flavored pizza with a crispy crust is a niche unmatched by others. Pizza Casbah holds this quality dear to its heart and maintains that signature quality for its gluten-free crust options as well.

Close up of a New York style pizza with pepperoni, garlic, and basil

Wide Slices

There’s a reason NY Style is “by the slice.” Getting the most out of the oven space helps with baking big pizzas that can be loaded with a plethora of toppings. With so many options to choose from, each slice truly becomes a unique experience. Pizza Casbah thankfully offers a great range of sizes from 14’’ to 24’’ along with a “Giant Slice” option that caters to the inner NY pick up and go formula.

Pizza baker making balls of pizza dough

The Baking Signature

The signature flair for preparing a NY-style pizza plays a vital role in the final product. No matter the order, it is the goal of the pizza baker to use their oven space and utilities efficiently. Pizza Casbah goes above and beyond by cooking their meats in a stone-topped oven for their pizzas. Our preparation in each pie has a quality guaranteed for greatness, no matter the oven used here in Fort Collins or at home.

You don’t need to be rushing to work in NYC to get the pizza experience. It all lies in the quality of the pizza itself. Order now and let us know what you want to try on your custom pizza! Whether it’s delivery or pick up, Pizza Casbah stays true to the word that nothing tops New York style pizza.

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